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21 Day Reusable Challenge by Olympic Medalist Gretchen Bleiler


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Olympic silver medalist and 4 X-Games halfpipe gold medalist Gretchen Bleiler is proud to announce the Earth Day 2011 (April 22nd, 2011) kick off of the “21 Day Reusable Challenge, ” an eco-minded call to action asking individuals around the globe to give up single serving disposable plastic water bottles, plastic grocery bags and Styrofoam takeaway containers for 21 days. 

 With the idea that it takes 21 days to build a habit, the challenge encourages people to consciously “create a habit” to benefit our habitat. As the keynote speaker at a college environmental conference during the Fall of 2010, Gretchen wanted to call students to action. Out of this desire, the 21 Day Reusable Challenge was born.

“Every single one of us has a unique opportunity to create awareness and influence change, so the 21 Day Reusable Challenge is a chance for people to stop using harmful disposable products, and inspire their friends and families to do the same by simply posting videos and photos through their social network.” – Gretchen Bleiler

From there, Gretchen’s Facebook followers vote on the most inspirational stories and the top five individuals with the most liked stories win products from Gretchen’s sponsors.

To post images and videos of your own 21 Day Challenge to Gretchen’s Facebook page (a requirement to be a part of the contest), go to www.facebook.com/gretchenbleiler.

Follow Gretchen on Twitter for 21 Day Reusable Challenge updates/ posts at www.twitter.com/gretchenbleiler and if/when you tweet back, please use #reusablechallenge.

By collaborating with her network of generous/eco-minded sponsors, Gretchen hopes to spread the message and encourage people to participate in the challenge, incorporating reusable living in their everyday lives while also raising awareness to the amount of disposable waste we are still exposed to on a daily basis. “Our winters depend on how we manage our consumer habits, and since most of these athletes already practice sustainability, this is a chance for them to show it and encourage their fans to do the same,” says Gretchen.

After winning a silver medal in the 2006 Winter Olympics for women’s snowboarding halfpipe, Gretchen decided to use her new platform as a chance to speak about an issue that is close to her heart in many ways, climate change. In addition to working with sponsors Oakley and K2 Snowboarding to create signature eco friendly products, Gretchen has also started her own sustainable stainless steel reusable water bottle company, ALEX Bottle, with husband and former Oakley Marketing Manager, Chris Hotell. For more information on ALEX Bottle, please visit 
www.alexbottle.com. For more information on the 21 Day Reusable Challenge or to participate go to www.21dayreusablechallenge.com 

Recycle, Reuse, Rejoice!



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X Games Take Over Downtown L.A….and Scream Green!

X Games 16 Skateboard Vert Men’s Final Results

Final standings from the ESPN X Games 16 Skateboard Vert Men’s event held at The Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, Calif. on July 30, 2010.

Name– Hometown– Score
1. Pierre-Luc Gagnon – Carlsbad, Calif. – 93.00
2. Shaun White – Carlsbad, Calif. – 85.00
3. Andy Macdonald – San Diego, Calif. – 79.00
4. Bucky Lasek –Baltimore, Md. –60.00
5. Sandro Dias –Santo Andre, Brazil –60.00

Jamie Bestwick at X Games 16. Credit: Pete Demos/Shazamm/ESPN Images

X Games 16 BMX Freestyle Vert Final Results

Final standings from the ESPN X Games 16 BMX Freestyle Vert Finals event held at Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, Calif. on July 30, 2010.

Name – Hometown – Score
1. Jamie Bestwick – Derbyshire, Great Britain90.00
2. Steve McCann –Melbourne, Australia80.00
3. Simon Tabron – Newquay, Great Britain80.00
4. Chad Kagy – Gilroy, Calif. – 79.00
5. Coco Zurita –Santiago, Chile – 70.00

Global Inheritance, the non-profit that thinks green and out of the box, presented attendees of ESPN’s X Games with these activities this past weekend at L.A. Live.

X Games Energy Playground. Will also be at Lollapalooza.

+++ TRASHed Recycling Store (only currency accepted is empty bottles/cans/biodegradable cups)

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