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A Paris Hotel’s Green Redo

A room with a view in Paris. Photo credit: Hotel Eiffel Trocadéro.

Paige Donner wrote this post about Hotel Eiffel Trocadéro in Paris. She is a Travel Writer for Fodor’s Paris Travel Guidebook and consults on Eco-Tourism.

In Paris, Place du Trocadéro has long needed a swanky, new boutique hotel.

With the top-to-bottom, refurbished Hotel Eiffel Trocadéro, the neighborhood has just deservedly been gifted a lovely gem.

The Hotel Eiffel Trocadéro is a green hotel, though you would never guess it with its sedated use of jewel-toned color-accents such as ginger-gold and turquoise velvet all made from ethically-sourced textiles.  Read MORE here…

Recycle, Reuse, Rejoice! 

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Renewable Energy Goes Round…And Round

In Paris, in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, on the banks of the Seine, there is a Carrousel that is now powered by renewable energy.

Renewable Energy Carrousel, Paris - Photo by Paige Donner copyright 2011

All photos by Paige Donner copyright 2011

This City of Light is filled with carrousels. You can find them across the street from the Eiffel Tower, on the other side of the river at the foot of Trocadero, in the vast courtyard of the Hotel de Ville and many more locations throughout the city. But this one, just underneath the Eiffel Tower, is the city’s flagship Renewable Energy Carrousel. Its LED lights are the same color as the flickering lights that have the Tour Eiffel twinkling on the hour every evening.

http://greeningparis.blogspot.com  Continue reading

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Paris For Peace And Yoga

Modeled after the NYC Day of Yoga, free and open to willing participants, Paris organizers of the event admitted they’d had 6,500 people sign up on the website to attend this morning’s hour-long practice in the 7th Arrondissement, en plein air. They had organized for and expected 2000 participants.

The practice was led in both English and French and an elegant Cellist played on stage, accompanying the entire session with live sitar-like music. Practitioners were from all ages, mature to the young, and attendees included mothers with infants, families with children, young couples, men, women and even a few of our furry friends.

Sponsors of the event which included BeYogaGo Sport, SportForUs.com, Soy Joy, Lole, VaiVai and the Mairie de Paris, passed out complimentary yoga mats, t-shirts, energy bars, coconut water and tea and re-usable tote bags.

http://greeningparis.blogspot.com  Continue reading

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Yao Ming and Sir Richard Branson Say NO To Shark Fin Soup

Shanghai, China (September 22, 2011) – International conservation organization WildAid, Chinese basketball star and WildAid Ambassador, Yao Ming, and leading Chinese entrepreneur Zhang Yue have joined forces with British entrepreneur, Sir Richard Branson and his non-profit foundation Virgin Unite, in a global campaign to save sharks. Branson and Yao filmed public service announcements in support of WildAid’s shark campaign drawing attention to the increasing demand for shark fin soup and the devastating effect this demand is having on global shark populations. The messages will broadcast across national and international media via WildAid’s pro-bono media network, beginning today and are available at wildaid.org/sharks

Yao Ming committed to stop eating shark fin soup in 2006 after learning of the cruel and wasteful practice of “‘finning”’ and the threat of extinction facing many shark populations as a result of demand for their fins. He has been an Ambassador for WildAid’s shark campaign ever since.


Yao says, “I urge China to lead by banning shark fin soup, and I urge business leaders to end the consumption of shark fin soup at business events. Unless we act now, we will lose many shark populations, impacting our oceans worldwide.”

Sir Richard Branson is backing the shark conservation campaign after swimming with whale sharks during their annual migration through the Gulf of Mexico. Branson says, “I simply cannot imagine a world without sharks – we cannot let this happen. These important predators have swum in the world’s oceans for some 400 million years, yet we could wipe them out in a single generation. We have to act now to step up protection worldwide.”


In the United States – Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, Guam and the Marshall Islands have banned sales of shark fin. The Californian Senate passed a ban on Sept 6th, which is awaiting Governor Jerry Brown’s signature. In Canada, a number of cities are considering a ban including Toronto, and a nationwide ban was recently proposed. Shark fishing bans have been passed in Palau and the Bahamas, and one is pending in Fiji.


Every year, fins from up to 73 million sharks are used for shark fin soup. In a cruel and wasteful practice called “‘finning,”’ sharks are often caught, hauled on deck, with their fins sliced off while they are still alive. The rest of the shark is usually thrown back into the sea, dead or dying, with approximately 95% of the shark wasted. The ongoing and increasing demand for shark fin soup is pushing many species to the brink of extinction, further threatening marine ecosystems the world over. Yao and Branson today launched the campaign with WildAid and met with representatives of government, media, NGO’s and business to engage their support to prevent the extinction of shark species.


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Introducing…The Spermacycle!

[Courtesy http://www.copenhagenize.com/2011/04/sperm-bike-in-copenhagen.html]



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Eco-Friendly Paris, Even the NY Times Is (Finally!) Taking Notice

If you pick up a Weekend Edition of the NY Times Travel section today, you will find inside a wonderful article highlighting some of Paris’s green-friendly programs. Of special interest is the fact that Paris ranks number 10 as a Green City according to a report referenced at the 2009 UN Conference.

Most of the Green Points highlighted in the article have been written about already here on Greening Paris and also on our affiliate blog, Local Food And Wine. Both are published by Paige Donner c. Paige Donner, Ed-in-Chief.


It’s wonderful to see, this Earth Month 2011, that the NY Times, of which the International Herald Tribune is its global edition, sat up and took notice of what Paris is doing in a green-friendly way!

NY Times Article, HERE


You can also read it in Print in the April 10th 2011 edition of Travel Section.

Read all about the World’s Green Trends on The Green Blog Network.

Green Blog Network * Greening Hollywood * Greening Beauty

Recycle, Reuse, Rejoice!


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BBC Stages BMW Mini E to Scotland, Tesla Takes The Challenge

The BBC is well aware that David is on Brian’s tail. Actually, David appears to be well ahead of Brian, who is somewhere in southern Scotland.

Photos Courtesy David Peilow

The BBC is currently airing a four-day hit piece about EVs, using a BMW MiniE to drive from London to Edinburgh. The Beeb’s venerable technology correspondent Brian Milligan is on TV, online and tweeting about how onerous, time-consuming and inconvenient EVs are – the worries, the range anxiety, the moldy charging stations that haven’t seen any customers in three years. It focuses exclusively on BMW, and the imagery is pretty pathetic and the series has become quite controversial.

Electric vehicle company Tesla aimed to prove them wrong, with help from UK EV advocate and engineer David Peilow. In a 21st century rendition of “David vs. Goliath” (or more appropriately, David vs. the BBC), the engineer hopped in a Roadster at Tesla’s London store on Wednesday morning and got to Edinburgh that night. Unlike the TV series, David accomplished the trip with no worries, no range anxiety, no drama. This may be the first time that an electric vehicle has driven from London to Edinburgh in a single day.

Upon his arrival last night, the first Tesla owner in Scotland was there to meet David.

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Personal Rapid Transit Pods, Zero Emissions And All Electric

So Sweden and Masdar City are trying a different approach to the personal rapid transit situation. Their proposition has the look and feel of something the Jetsons would take to go shopping: PRT Pods.


PRT Pods. Personal Rapid Transit. Pods. The concept is similar to a taxi or a shuttle bus where the vehicles come to designated stops at frequent intervals. You have the option of booking a vehicle for personal use or for shared use, depending on your time needs and how much you are willing to pay.

Cost for PRT use is estimated to hover around the same as for a bus or subway when shared, and nearer more the cost of a taxi when used individually. The all-electric, zero emissions PRT pods run on established tracks. Best to think of them as a hybrid between a taxi service and a monorail line. Heathrow airport in London has a few in use, in addition toAbu Dhabi’s Masdar City and Sweden pioneering the Pod Use for public transportation needs.

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Celebrity Resolutions for 2011

Ten celebrities share their 2011 wishes for animals

The Humane Society of the United States [Originally Posted]

  • Colbie Caillat with her dog, Plum. The purebred golden retriever was found starving on a street in Taiwan and was adopted by Caillat. Yvonne Bennett/The HSUS

We asked some favorite celebrities to share their resolutions for animals in 2011:

GOTHAM CHOPRA: “We ask people everywhere to express peace, love, and kindness toward all animals through their thinking, feeling, doing, and being. Happy New Year!”
—Gotham, Deepak, Cleo (the family dog!) and the whole Chopra family

COLBIE CAILLAT: “My resolution is to tell all my friends to adopt their next pet, not to buy a puppy from a pet store, and to help stop puppy mills!”

JACKIE EVANCHO: “I hope all kids will resolve to be kind to animals and not do anything to harm them.”

JORJA FOX: “My resolution is to support he HSUS’s effort to end dogfighting, and all they’re doing to help at-risk communities.”

CAROL LEIFER: “My hope for the new year is that people will only admire fur coats that are on their original owners.”

NIGEL BARKER: “My 2011 New Year’s resolution is to become fully aware of where all my produce comes from and how it got there, basically being responsible for what food goes on my family’s table. And to grow my hair in a show of solidarity for seals!”

HAL SPARKS: “I will introduce at least 20 new people to vegan and vegetarian cuisine in hopes of bringing them closer to a cruelty-free diet. I will continue to encourage everyone to practice Meatless Mondays and… I will also pet 32% more cats this year.”

RON BURNS: “We hope people brighten their homes by adopting the many colorful critters waiting in shelters.”

TAMAR GELLER: “May those of us who share our lives with dogs train ourselves to see and recognize all the efforts our dogs are making to understand us, connect with us, and make up happy. May we accept them even half as much as they accept us.”
—With love, Tamar, Clyde, G-Ma, and Cricket

PATRICK MCDONNELL: “My resolution is to do all I can to help make more people aware that animals are sentient beings. Taking action, even by making small, seemingly insignificant changes, can make a big difference in the lives of animals. It’s really about awareness and kindness.”

We thank our friends above for sharing their New Year’s resolutions and hope you will join us in resolving to make 2011 a great year for animals! Watch highlights from 2010»

Learn more about these celebrity friends of animals:

Nigel Barker, internationally renowned as a photographer and judge on the show America’s Next Top Model, has just authored his first book titled Nigel Barker’s Beauty Equation: Revealing a Better and More Beautiful You.

Celebrated for his original and distinctive portraits of dogs and cats, painter and author Ron Burns is also noted for his longtime support of the animal shelter community. Burns shares his studio with his wife and best friend Buff and “furgirls” Loganberry and Emma. Find him online at www.ronburns.com.

Grammy-winning, platinum-selling singer songwriter Colbie Caillat is a spokesperson for The HSUS’s Puppy Mill Campaign. Check out her CDs, “Coco” and “Breakthrough,” and watch for her new CD coming out this spring.

Author Gotham Chopra and his father Deepak recently collaborated on a book titledWalking Wisdom: Three Generations, Two Dogs and the Search for a Happy Life.

Major recording artist Jackie Evancho is currently working on her full length cd for a spring 2011 release date. Find her online at www.JackieEvancho.com

Jorja Fox, star of the hit TV series CSI, has been a long-time supporter of The HSUS and our End Dogfighting campaign.

Tamar Geller is a best-selling author and life coach for dogs and their people. Her latest book is 30 Days to a Well-Mannered Dog.

Carol Leifer is a comedian and a comedy writer. Her book of humorous essays is titledWhen You Lie About Your Age, the Terrorists Win.

Patrick McDonnell is the creator and cartoonist of MUTTS™ and author of a number of books. Find more at www.muttscomics.com.


Comedian Hal Sparks is the former host of Talk Soup on E! and his recent comedy special, Charmageddon, is available now on DVD.


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