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Burrard Inlet And Oil Tankers – Mayor Calls For Assessment Meeting

Burrard Inlet

“I’m hopeful that this meeting will not only bring more awareness to the issue of oil tankers in the inlet, but that we will have an opportunity to ask questions and get a clear risk assessment of the current situation,” said the Mayor. “We need to make sure we’re doing everything we can to protect our coastline, our marine life, and our economy.”

(June 25, 2010,Vancouver, B.C.) Mayor Gregor Robertson announced today that he has called a special council meeting for Monday, July 5th, to discuss the current status of oil tankers in Burrard Inlet, given recent concerns about rapidly increasing oil traffic.

“We’ve seen a steady increase in crude shipments through Burrard Inlet over the past decade,” said Mayor Robertson. “This has happened largely away from the public eye, and given the horrific scene we have witnessed in the Gulf of Mexico, more and more questions are being raised about the current situation in Vancouver, the safety standards in place, and the long-term plans for Burrard Inlet.”

Mayor Robertson and city council will hear from a number of experts about oil tankers in Vancouver on Monday, July 5, at a special meeting of council. Speakers and organizations include:

BC Chamber of Shipping
BC Ministry of Environment
Burrard Clean Operations
Georgia Strait Alliance
Pacific Pilotage Authority
Peter Baker, Oceanographer

More Info: http://www.mayorofvancouver.ca/blog

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Sophia Bush, Austin Nichols On Grand Isle With Global Green

(June 21, New Orleans, Lousiana) On Monday, Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols of One Tree Hill toured the Gulf oil spill by boat at the Bridgeside Marina.

The Video of their New Orleans trip is below. [Can’t See The Video? Click HERE]

Before attempting to clean up one of the beaches, they stopped for lunch at the Barataria Restaurant. Later that afternoon they helped a group called the Bucket Brigade with some mapping of the spill. They also meet with fisherman and community leaders, accompanied by Global Green USA CEO Matt Petersen and Beth Galante of New Orleans GGUSA office.

On Tuesday, they met with city officials and toured the Global Green Holy Cross Project in the Ninth Ward built according to top energy saving standards, and met with Global Green staff and supporters for an assessment of actions and activities.

Many tv and film industry performers and producers have been spending more time in Louisiana due to the favorable tax benefits that have incentivized film shoots and production there. Many have bought homes in the area and return frequently. They have become concerned about the fate of the region. These young actors here on Monday and Tuesday have ties to Louisiana, have been discussing the spill, and plan to report back to their colleagues and fans on the impact of the spill with an eye to how they might support those there in Louisiana who have hosted them so warmly during the actors’ time there.

Global Green USA is a national environmental organization that merges innovative research, cutting-edge community-based projects and targeted advocacy to create a sustainable future. It has also pioneered partnerships with countless non-profits and government agencies. Please visit www.globalgreen.org for more information.

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