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BMW ActiveE Electric Vehicle


BMW will display its first all-electric vehicle, the ActiveE, at the IEEE International Electric Vehicle Conference
The ActiveE is the first one hundred percent electric BMW to be placed in customer hands. With output of 170hp and maximum torque of 184lb-ft from a standstill, the BMW ActiveE accelerates from 0–60mph in under nine seconds. 

Newly developed lithium-ion batteries facilitate a driving range of up to 100 miles on a full charge.

“This presentation shows how BMW has prepared for years to ensure this challenge will eventually become a success story in sustainable mobility,” said Lee Stogner, Chair, IEEE Electric Vehicle Initiative. “Showcasing their new technology and being a part of the inaugural IEVC is a great way to show the world the innovations taking place at BMW.”

The BMW ActiveE is the BMW Group’s second step in the company’s three-phase development plan leading to an emission-free, electric BMW in series production – the BMW i3, which will be released in late 2013.

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Merry Christmas And Happy New Year!

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BBC Stages BMW Mini E to Scotland, Tesla Takes The Challenge

The BBC is well aware that David is on Brian’s tail. Actually, David appears to be well ahead of Brian, who is somewhere in southern Scotland.

Photos Courtesy David Peilow

The BBC is currently airing a four-day hit piece about EVs, using a BMW MiniE to drive from London to Edinburgh. The Beeb’s venerable technology correspondent Brian Milligan is on TV, online and tweeting about how onerous, time-consuming and inconvenient EVs are – the worries, the range anxiety, the moldy charging stations that haven’t seen any customers in three years. It focuses exclusively on BMW, and the imagery is pretty pathetic and the series has become quite controversial.

Electric vehicle company Tesla aimed to prove them wrong, with help from UK EV advocate and engineer David Peilow. In a 21st century rendition of “David vs. Goliath” (or more appropriately, David vs. the BBC), the engineer hopped in a Roadster at Tesla’s London store on Wednesday morning and got to Edinburgh that night. Unlike the TV series, David accomplished the trip with no worries, no range anxiety, no drama. This may be the first time that an electric vehicle has driven from London to Edinburgh in a single day.

Upon his arrival last night, the first Tesla owner in Scotland was there to meet David.

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Personal Rapid Transit Pods, Zero Emissions And All Electric

So Sweden and Masdar City are trying a different approach to the personal rapid transit situation. Their proposition has the look and feel of something the Jetsons would take to go shopping: PRT Pods.


PRT Pods. Personal Rapid Transit. Pods. The concept is similar to a taxi or a shuttle bus where the vehicles come to designated stops at frequent intervals. You have the option of booking a vehicle for personal use or for shared use, depending on your time needs and how much you are willing to pay.

Cost for PRT use is estimated to hover around the same as for a bus or subway when shared, and nearer more the cost of a taxi when used individually. The all-electric, zero emissions PRT pods run on established tracks. Best to think of them as a hybrid between a taxi service and a monorail line. Heathrow airport in London has a few in use, in addition toAbu Dhabi’s Masdar City and Sweden pioneering the Pod Use for public transportation needs.

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Paris Announces Autolib’ Car Service On Demand

Modeling itself after the successful Autolib’ service already in practice in Lyon, France, Paris announced earlier this week that by March 2012, at the latest, their Autolib’ service will be fully in play.

AutoLib’, the electric car rental program, is modelled after the wildly popular Velib’ program, whereby citizens, tourists and visitors alike can pick up a bicycle at numerous points around the city, use it for a half an hour, half a day or longer, and then drop it off at another station when they’re finished with it. The pick-up and drop-off stations, which function as one and the same, are nearly as numerous as Metro stations.

The program is designed for short-term use for both the bicycle and Auto usage. They’re available 24/7. And it is ridiculously cheap. To use an Autolib’ car in Lyon prices start at 2,10 Euro for basic car models from Citroen, Peugeot, Toyota. You first purchase a membership for a minimum of one year and on top of that you pay a deposit to cover any possible damages. But you can even take a car between the hours of 11pm and 7 am for free.

On this program, Paris is worlds ahead of, for example, Santa Monica, a city in California, the nation’s greenest state, that prides itself on its green transportation policies.

On December 16th the California Air Resources Board (CARB) voted in favor of California’s nation leading Cap-and-Trade program under AB 32.

Here is what California’s Governor had to say about it:

And I’m so proud of this team here because it’s one thing when the legislators get together and say AB 32  and here’s the bill  and they give you these documents that are 1,000 pages long and all this stuff. And then the governor goes out and talks about it and I sign it and we have bill signing ceremonies and all of those things that we had. But then someone has to follow through and make it become a reality  and the people you see in front of you here are the people that make this become a reality. I know today, even though we are 10 years away from 2020 but I know today that we will have a reduction of 25 percent of greenhouse gases by the year 2020, only because I have such an excellent team here.

I am thinking that California may just need to take some pages from Paris’s playbook on public transportation policy. Especially in cities such as San Francisco, Santa Monica, Pasadena and other such coastal cities that are already readily adaptable to something like the Autolib’ and the Velib’.

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By Matthias Bank

What auto race blasts its way around the world in eighty days without leaving a trace of emissions in its wake? And, almost as astonishingly, inspires crowds to come out and cheer on a rainy weekend in Southern California?

The answer is a group of 21st century hot rods Jules Verne would have loved called the Zero Emissions Race, an international group of solar powered electric vehicles that have been driving about 11,000 miles since leaving the United Nations in Geneva. Their aim: to prove a point that instead of dreaming about 100 percent renewable energy powered vehicles for someday, we should be living that dream today.

The mastermind of the race, Louis Palmer, made a pit stop in Malibu two years ago during his Solar Taxi tour, the first circumnavigation of the globe by a solar powered car. On that trip, celebrities greeted him everywhere he went, including James Cameron, Larry Hagman, and Brian Grazer in Malibu.

Mr. Palmer reflects that he does not feel as exotic this time. With people now lining up to purchase plug-in vehicles from companies like Nissan and Chevrolet, the wow factor is not what it once was.

Far from fretting like a Hollywood starlet past his prime, Mr. Palmer is celebrating the shift as success.  He revels in the fact that people are so quickly becoming the change he hoped to inspire.

And the glittery set has not exactly cast him aside. Those checking out the Zero Race on their adventure through coastal L.A. included German mega star Thomas Gottschalk, composer and former Oingo Bongo band member Richard Gibbs, and “Who Killed the Electric Car?” filmmaker Chris Paine.

Matthias Bank is Media and Marketing Director for Renewables 100 Policy Institute, one of the event sponsors for Zero Emissions Race in Southern California. Renewables 100 Policy Institute will be re-joining Zero Emissions Race at the World Climate Conference in Cancun, where both will be advocating for a 100% renewable energy by mid-century target.

Photo caption 1.”Who Killed The Electric Car?” Filmmaker Chris Paine and Plug-In America’s Paul Scott welcome Zero Emissions Race to Southern California at Santa Monica Pier 2. Zero Emissions Race Founder Louis Palmer greets Southern California at Santa Monica Pier.

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