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Think Like A Man Thinks Green


Culver City, CA (April 19, 2012) – As an industry leader in environmental innovation, Sony Pictures has long experimented with energy-efficient light sources and technologies for use in its productions. But for the Screen Gems feature Think Like a Man, Sony Pictures took its efforts a step further and reached an industry first by using 100 percent energy-efficient (LED) lighting sources on the production.


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World Water Week

From The Green Blog Network


Courtesy of Stockholm International Water Institute

World Water Week - Green Blog Network

On the Water Front vol. 2 presents new analysis from global thought-leaders

New edition features 14 essays on water and water quality issues that build upon research presented at the 2010 World Water Week in Stockholm. 

On the Water Front vol. 2 offers a collection of the most innovative and important insights on water and water quality presented at the 2010 World Water Week in Stockholm. This compendium is a must-read for those interested in the latest knowledge, tools and strategies to resolve the planet’s most pressing water quality challenges.

World Water Week Announcement - Green Blog Network

Each of its chapters are authored by leading luminaries from science, business, and public policy and build upon research presented at the 2010 World Water Week in Stockholm, includingStockholm Water Prize Laureates Dr. Rita Colwell and Prof. Takashi Asano and have been edited and peer reviewed by the World Water Week Scientific Programme Committee.

Download it here to gain knowledge on how the public health sector will be impacted by climate change, the most potent policy cocktails to protect coastal waters, the best-practice solutions to wastewater reclamation and reuse, what the potential onset of peak water and peak phosphorus could mean to humanity, new ideas to mitigate the growing dangers of chemical and agricultural pollution to human and environmental health, and much more.


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The 2011 Intelligent Use of Water Film Competition

The 2011 Intelligent Use of Water Film Competition, a short film competition, is seeking narrative, documentary, animated, experimental and/or student-made short films, 1 to 10 minutes in length, that creatively explore methods and ideas to responsibly manage and use Earth’s most precious resource, water. 

short film competition hosted by Jack Hanna

Filmmakers who submit their short films via the competition website will have their films reviewed by a judging panel made up of film and water experts. 

Finalists have a chance to win cash awards totaling $15,000 and a trip to Beverly Hills, Calif., where they will be guests at a formal screening event hosted by wildlife expert, Jack Hanna, 30-year veteran of documentary films and TV shows. Deadline for entries August 1, 2011

Check out the call for entries video starring Jack Hanna and a few of his jungle friends at www.IUOWFILM.comfor more information.

Recycle, Reuse, Rejoice!


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Weekend-long program to feature top producers and

industry leaders including Harvey Weinstein, Simon Lythgoe,

Mark Gordon, Mark Johnson, Hawk Koch, Gale Anne Hurd,

Sean Bailey, Marshall Herskovitz, MARC CHERRY, DAMON LINDELOF, JOHN SLOSS and Lauren Shuler DonNer, among many otherS

LOS ANGELES, CA (March 29, 2011)The Producers Guild of America (PGA) and the Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI) announced today the first slate of speakers confirmed to participate in the 2011 Produced By Conference (PBC) which includes some of entertainment’s most sought-after producers and industry leaders. It was also announced that The Walt Disney Studios along with the ABC Entertainment Group will host the 2011 event in conjunction with AFCI’s Locations Show June 3-5, 2011.

“We’re excited to announce the initial speaker line up for this year’s conference to be held at the Walt Disney Studios,” said Producers Guild President Emeritus and co-chair of PBC, Marshall Herskovitz. “We’re extremely grateful to everyone at The Walt Disney Studios for agreeing to host the third annual conference. The Disney lot provides an amazing backdrop for the producing community to gather for an exciting weekend of learning and networking.”

“The Produced By Conference continues to exceed my expectations. I’m thrilled to be a part of this exciting program, and throughout all of the PBC programming, we hope to continue to advance the theme that the role of

the producer is a crucial one,” said Gale Anne Hurd, PBC event co-chair.

The list of featured speakers for 2011 PBC includes some of the entertainment industry’s most renowned producers and executives including, in alphabetical order:

  • Sean Bailey (President, Walt Disney Studios Motion Picture Production, TRON: LEGACY)
  • Joe Berlinger (Crude, Metallica: Some Kind of Monster)
  • Jason Blum (Paranormal Activity 1-2, Insidious)
  • Ian Bryce (Transformers 1-3, Spiderman, Saving Private Ryan)
  • Adam Chapnick (CEO,
  • Albert Cheng (EVP, Digital Media, Disney/ABC Television Group)
  • Marc Cherry (“Desperate Housewives”)
  • Joseph Chianese (SVP, Tax & Production Planning, Entertainment Partners)
  • Kris Eber (Disney’s “Movie Surfers,” “Muppet’s Bohemian Rhapsody”)
  • Jon Fougner (Principal, Product Marketing Monetization, Facebook)
  • Nolan Gallagher (Founder & CEO, Gravitas Ventures)
  • Tim Gibbons (“Curb Your Enthusiasm”)
  • Mark Gordon (Source Code, Saving Private Ryan, “Grey’s Anatomy”)
  • John Hadity (Master Harold and the Boys, Burning Blue)
  • Dana Harris (Editor-in-Chief, IndieWIRE)
  • Marshall Herskovitz (Love and Other Drugs, Blood Diamond, “thirtysomething”)
  • Gale Anne Hurd (“The Walking Dead,” The Incredible Hulk, the terminator Trilogy)
  • Mark Johnson (The Chronicles of Narnia, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, “Breaking Bad”)
  • Barry Jossen (Executive Vice President, Creative & Production, ABC Studios)
  • Hawk Koch (Source Code, Primal Fear, Wayne’s World)
  • Paul Kontonis (VP & Group Director, Brand Content, The Third Act, Digitas)
  • Damon Lindelof (“Lost”)
  • Simon Lythgoe (CMT’s “Next Superstar,” Former Producer, “America Idol,” “So You Think You Can Dance”)
  • Andrew Marlowe (“Castle”)
  • Lori McCreary (INVICTUS, “Through the Wormhole”)
  • Keri Putnam (Executive Director, Sundance Institute)
  • Lauren Shuler Donner (X-men Franchise, Free Willy 1-3, The Secret Life of Bees)
  • John Sloss (Exit Through the Gift Shop, The Kids are All Right)
  • Ricky Strauss (Waiting for “Superman,” Fair Game, The Beaver)
  • William Stuart (The Rock, Eddie and the Cruisers, Holy Matrimony)
  • Larry Tanz (President, Vuguru LLC)
  • Chris Thomes (Executive Director, Digital Production & Programming, Saban Brands LLC)
  • David Tochterman (Head of Digital Media, Innovative Artists)
  • Hayma “Screech” Washington (“The Amazing Race”)

“The slate of panels, sessions and roundtables that are shaping up for this year’s event are extremely unique and exciting—offering attendees the chance for unprecedented access to some of the industry’s leading producers, providing both education and inspiration,” said Rachel Klein, PBC event co-chair.

The 2011 PBC will feature over 20 conference sessions, panel discussions, mentoring roundtables, networking opportunities, social events and workshops designed to provide producers with important career tools and insights necessary to compete in today’s competitive marketplace. Among the many topics to be discussed are new media, global finance, producer/director collaboration, distribution, independent film, scripted television, reality television, digital content, brand identity and much more. Over 150 exhibitors are already on board to participate in the 2011 event. Sponsors for the event to-date include General Motors (the official automotive sponsor of the PGA), Entertainment Partners, Raleigh Studios, Cast & Crew Entertainment Services, Baseline, Avid, PRG, LA 411, Westfield Malls, Kodak and Coca-Cola. This year’s unique collaboration of the Produced By Conference along with the AFCI Locations will bring together the producing field alongside more than 300 film commissions from around the world. These commissions collectively represent over 2 billion dollars in financing and incentives available to filmmakers.Last year’s sold out conference connected more than 1,100 producing professionals. Interested individuals can register online at


Reaching across film, television and new media industries, PBC is an educational forum that involves acclaimed producers, including countless Academy Award®-winning filmmakers and Emmy Award® winners, as well as the next generation of creative entrepreneurs. The PBC event is chaired by Marshall Herskovitz, Gale Anne Hurd and Rachel Klein. For more information on the Produced By Conference, visit

Recycle, Reuse, Rejoice!


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86 Year Old Vancouver Island Resident Tweeting to Save Mary Lake


Submitted by: Rebecca Peters
“If Obama could raise $500 million via social media for his presidential campaign then I figured why couldn’t we try and raise $5 million to Save Mary Lake” says Bob McMinn, one of the small group of residents from Vancouver Island, Canada, that are attempting to raise this ambitious sum of money to save a rare ecosystem from development.


The dry Coastal Douglas fir ecosystem is one of the most endangered ecosystems in Canada. Large Douglas-firs dominate the land, along with Arbutus, Western Red-cedar, Garry oak, Aspen and Grand fir.


While they may not have the president of the US on board just yet, Elizabeth May, the leader of the national political party Green Party Canada has bought square metres and environmental legend David Suzuki has picked them as one of his favourite pages to support on Facebook.


86-year-old McMinn has been a resident of the District of Highlands (the region encompassing Mary Lake) for 57 years. He’s a true advocate of conservation, and as the first mayor of the region, he has been a tireless crusader to save land from development, and has been instrumental in helping the region maintain 40% parkland.
McMinn believes that it is the ‘wow’ factor that is inspiring people from close by, and as far away as Japan, Denmark and Australia to support Save Mary Lake. “When I first saw Mary Lake, I couldn’t help but exclaim ‘wow’” says McMinn. “I delight in taking people to see the land, and every time their reaction to the astounding beauty mimics my first reaction.”


Water trickles through the streamside riparian habitat. More than 80% of this region’s riparian ecosystems have been lost to development, the same risk that faces Mary Lake today.


Launching just over a month ago, the Save Mary Lake campaign has already connected with an international environmental audience to help save this valuable piece of ecological property. The Save Mary Lake group created a website where people can choose square metres to buy on a digital map of Mary Lake, essentially saving those squares, and leaving their environmental name-stamp for all to see. To date over 12,000 square metres have been saved.


The 107-acre Mary Lake property is part of an imperiled dry coastal Douglas fir ecosystem that connects two already preserved pieces of parkland. It provides an important corridor between these pieces of parkland, especially for the many types of wildlife. The seven-acre lake on the property also provides refuge to wildlife including some that are endangered. Mary Lake also acts as a natural carbon sink removing CO2 from the atmosphere.

Save Mary Lake champion Bob McMinn enjoys the view at Mary Lake.


The group has taken to Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to try and engage people but they still need help if they are to meet the first goal of their fundraising campaign, to sell 65,000 squares by the end of January 2011. Although the goal is lofty, the Save Mary Lake crew believes it is achievable. Bob looks forward to seeing who will share the squares beside him and hopes to one day shake the hand of the people whose digital squares border his. For now, a digital handshake in the form of a tweet will have to do-after all a trip to Japan may have to wait as this 86-year-old has a busier schedule than most people half his age as he continues the crusade to Save Mary Lake.


Rebecca Peters is a Vancouver resident, deeply committed to her community.

Recycle, Reuse, Rejoice!


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World Water Act – Please Watch Video Clip



Water for the World: New Video

The U.S. House of Representatives should be voting on H.R. 2030/S. 624, the Senator Paul Simon Water for the World Act, during its current “lame duck” session. This new Chronicles Group video presents the depth and dimension of the legislation:

The legislation is important to the world and the U.S. for moral and international security reasons because it presents an opportunity to bring water and sanitation to 100 million people. It would be greatly appreciated if you would widely circulate the video.


Thank you,

Jim Thebaut
The Chronicles Group



Recycle, Reuse, Rejoice!

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Young Hollywood Awards: Young Celebs Go Green On Set And At Home

Jonas Brothers at Young Hollywood Awards, May 13, 2010. Photo Courtesy Greening Hollywood. Subject to Copyright

By Alex Shekarchian

The 2010 Young Hollywood Awards, presented by Hollywood Life and hosted by Mario Lopez, was full of young celebs doing their part to green Hollywood at home and on set.  The event itself did its part, making a huge step this year by sending out all paperless invites.  Over 700 invites were sent out and 1,250 attendees all confirmed digitally, saving tons of trees this year.  For more information on how you can send paperless invites for your upcoming events visit PaperlesspPost.

Young Hollywood Artist of the Year winner, Nick Jonas, has been an avid environmentalist for years. Earth Day on April 22, 2008, Nick helped the kids at Ricardo Lizarraga Elementary School plant trees and shrubs around the school campus.  In 2009, Nick was a part of Disneys Friends for Change campaign where he urged kids to Switch it, Pool it, unplug it, calling out for kids to turn off lights when they are not using them, car pool when they can, and unplug their phones when they are not charging them.

Nick says that since he drinks a lot of red bull he recycles those cans and adds that he turns off the lights whenever he leaves a room.  In addition to giving us these tips he also promotes a greener Hollywood by wearing green converse and using a green guitar.

The Cast of Vampire Diaries was awarded the Young Hollywood Cast to Watch Award and if you are watching them you will see they are doing their part to help the environment. Sarah Canning, Nina Dobrev and Zach Roerig recently shot a green diary for the Increase Your Green campaign from and sponsored by HP, which mobilized 147,000 teens to green their schools nationwide.  Between February 1, and Earth day April 22, 2010, teens from over 1,300 schools across the country recycled over 650,000 lbs of paper and 330,000 lbs of plastic and saved 5.6 million kWh of energy. Go to for more information on this great organization.  Also, visit to view the winning schools.

Sara Canning, Vampire Diaries. Watch her “Green Diaries.” Photo Courtesy Greening Hollywood. Subject to Copyright.

In their green diary, Sarah Canning, Nina Dobrev and Zach Roerig give five tips on how they are green by reducing waste, conserving water, shopping locally, recycling clothes, and using alternative transportation.  Sarah talks about what she does on set to be more eco-conscious.  She brings her own Tupperware, instead of using plastic utensils and paper plates on set.  Also, her and Vampire Diaries co-star Kayla Ewell recycle their clothes by donating dresses to Nina Dobrev who also was awarded Young Hollywoods making their Mark Award adds that Sarah and her carpool to the set.  Check out their green diary here:

Twilight’s Booboo Stewart who was presenting and accepting the Young Hollywood’s Award for Newcomer of The Year to Justin Bieber who could not be there shared with us that he used to have a problem turning off the lights; however, now he makes sure that he turns off the light after he leaves each room.  His whole family does their part by making sure to conserve water when watering the lawn and cleaning their horses while at their ranch.

Other Young Celebs at the awards ceremonies shared with us what they do at home and on set to be more green. Young Hollywoods Comedian of The Year recipient Whitney Cummings states that since TV shows go through 10 different drafts they are trying to do everything digitally now to save paper because of al the re-writes and script updates they save a lot of trees by using I pads and Kindles on her TV shows and when writing her sets.  Whitney adds that she conserves electricity and carpools to sets.

Josie Loren recycles her scripts.

Star of ABC Familys Make it or Break it,”Josie Loren, also does her part to deal with the tons of re-writes she gets on the set of her show.  Josie says that she gets tons of rewrites, sides, schedules and scripts.  I save all those papers in a drawer and at the end of each week I put them in a recycle bin. Josie adds that she bought a water bottle that I bring to set every day so that Im not going through numerous plastic water bottles.

The Young Cast of ABCs hit show Modern Family do their part at home and on set as well.  The shows Ariel Winter talks about how on set they have a sign over their recycling bin that says, RECYCLE OR DIE and she adds that while at home she makes sure to turn off the faucet when brushing her teeth and unplugs the toaster when it is not being used.

Modern Familys Rico Rodriguez and his sister Raini Rodriguez, star of Paul Bart Mall Cop tell us while at home they go twice every week to the recycling center with trash bags full of bottles and plastic to recycle.

Josh Sussman of Foxs hit show, Glee was on the red carpet with his eco-stylist Phu Styles who will be donning Josh in a completely eco-friendly machine washable fully sustainable suit for the upcoming MTV Movie Awards; which you can check out at

Maiara Walsh of ABCs Desperate Housewives told us how she recycles like a mad woman if it has a recycle symbol on it she recycles it.  She also drives a Prius and has changed all of her light bulbs out.

Fellow cast mate, Charlie Carver says, the young cast member of Desperate Housewives appealed to the show’s producers to get biodegradable cutlery from craft services. The utensils they use on set are made out from cornstarch and they bring their own water bottles to the set.

For more on how the Young Celebs of tomorrow green Hollywood at home and on set check out our red carpet footage of the event, which includes interviews from above Celebs as well as Matthew Levy from Foxs The Sons of Anarchy the Last Exorcism Director, Daniel Stamm and the movies star Ashley Bell, and critically acclaimed Billboard Artist, Matisse.

Alex Shekarchian is LA based, very interested in creating a greener Hollywood and looks to make films in a greener way. This was his first assignment for Greening Hollywood.

The Green Blog Network

Greening Hollywood

Green Blog Network Greening Vancouver


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Greening Vancouver: Reel Green BC’s Reuse Website Launch

By Green Blogger

At the recent Reel Green Forum B.C., Rex Weyler, journalist and ecologist opened up the afternoon’s panel by pointing out that “our planet’s income is solar energy, we have to live off it.” He made another bold statement when he said, “the economic crash was in fact an ecological crash.”

Regarding the planet’s energy wealth in terms of sunshine, Amory Lovins’ Rocky Mountain Institute, has this to say:
Every 70 minutes or so, the sun supplies the Earth with enough energy to run global civilization for a year. An average square meter of land receives each year as much energy from the sun as is in a barrel of oil, and it falls reliably, freely, and relatively evenly on rich and poor alike. The world’s electricity use could in theory be provided 20 times over just by modern 20-percent-efficient solar cells on the rooftops of buildings in the 1 percent of land area that dense cities already cover. Solar power is always in stock, never runs out (even at night when it’s shining elsewhere), is safe, and never threatens us with terrorist plots.   – RMI Newsletter, Dec. 09
The occasion for the Reel Green Forum B.C. gathering in November at the Wosk Centre for Dialogue in downtown Vancouver was the announcement and introduction of the Reel Green Reuse Website a.k.a. B.C. Industrial Materials Exchange. Peter Mitchell, Co-Chair of MPPIA Environment Committee and COO of Vancouver Film Studios; Gordon Hardwick, BC Film Commission Manager; Brock MacDonald, Exec. Director Recycling Council of BC were on hand to introduce the new website and Recycling Tool that is the culmination of a concerted effort.

The Reel Green Reuse Exchange website was built and launched by the Motion Picture Production Industry Association of BC, the Directors’ Guild of Canada – BC District Council, the British Columbia Film Commission, IATSE Local 891, and the Recycling Council of BC.

Mitchell’s goals are nothing if not ambitious and would like to see every film produced and shot in Vancouver tagged as a “zero footprint film.” He’d like to see every component of production fully recyclable, “We must become the New Hollywood because we’re so much ahead of what’s going on in L.A.,” vis a vis green.

Brock MacDonald stated his equally ambitious vision for making sustainable B.C.’s film industry, saying that he’s looking to see a “closed loop system” created. He used the acronym EPR when referring to the concept of Extended Producer’s Responsibility. “We want to plan a production from a zero waste perspective,” he commented.

Warren Carr is one local insider who’s gone green. A Vancouver-based, Emmy-award winning producer, he founded The Pacific Green Group Ltd., and is producing a new show that’s recycling, composting, and using local food and hybrid cars.

“It used to be that all sets just went straight to the landfill,” Carr explains. Now, on sets around town, “wood waste is recycled and made into particle board, carpets are given away to charity . . . . If anything has come out of the last few years, it’s the idea of ‘who else can use this?’”  Read More Here:

Also Here:

Some of the stated goals for Genuine Sustainability in the B.C. Film Industry:

* Distinctively Serious Practices

* Reduce Vehicle Use

* Reduce CO2 Emission

* 100% Recycling and Reuse all materials [Nature recycles everything.]

* Establish an industry recycling, re-use warehouse

* Tell stories that honor and glorify “Simple Living” values [Cultural change is about story telling]

* Focus on the Front End : Don’t create waste to begin with

* Implement ecological building codes: Heat pumps, insulate

* Create permanent, changeable locations

* Preserve local wilderness

* Support Local Food

* Reduce Meat Consumption

* Avoid using plastic

* Use less energy

* Localize Procurement

* Take care of eachother (Awe!)

Their goal is nothing short of making B.C. the greenest production center in the world!

For more information on these and other programs go to:

Also here:


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