Calculate Your Water Footprint

[Post Sponsored by Patagonia]

Each of us drains an Olympic-size poolful of water (2.5 million liters) each year, to make ice cubes for the lemonade, power the low-flow toilet, feed the plants, wash the dishes and grow cotton for our jeans. Much of the water doesn’t come out of the tap we turn off to rinse the dishes, but is our share of industrial production and consumption. The water used to make our stuff. 

How much water is used in manufacturing a pair of Patagonia organic cotton jeans – from the field through spinning, weaving, sewing and shipping to our Reno warehouse? Answer: 180 liters or enough to provide drinking water for 60 people for a day. 

Patagonia has its work cut out this year and in the years ahead to become fully aware of how much water goes into every product we make, and to begin to reduce it. 

Would you like to join us in measuring and reducing water consumption? 

Find out your water footprint using National Geographic’s online Water Footprint Calculator. Look for it on the right-hand side of the Our Common Waters page: 

Discover your water footprint and pledge to reduce it




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