“Cause An Effect” – Vancouver Eco Fashion Week

Reprinted from David Suzuki Foundation

[Video Re-broadcast from YouTube]

Fashion stylist Myriam Laroche was the girl with a 100 pairs of shoes — many of them unworn with their price tags still on. She wanted to make a difference and knew that her shopping habits were the first thing that had to go. She also took it a step further and applied it to her work.

As a fashion stylist, she found the inspiration to choose her materials more sustainably. It takes more than just purchasing organic fabrics. She also needed to consider the dye process and where the fabrics were coming from. As a local stylist, she has even found a way to reuse many materials in her vintage lines which have been a success on the runway. In Vancouver, eco fashion is taking off and, thanks to Myriam’s creativity, we can now enjoy an Eco Fashion Week every year.

Next time you think about adding to your wardrobe, ask yourself if it’s even necessary. And if you do shop, look for local eco-fashion designers, visit vintage boutiques or have clothing swaps with your friends to help create a new look.




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