Daddy Greenest, by Mommy Greenest

Who better to get Father’s Day Eco Tips from than Mommy Greenest, aka Rachel Sarnoff, founding editor of the site.

Here’s some Green Dad advice she offered for honoring Dad and the environment:

GB: We wanted to ask what Mommy Greenest recommends for Dads on Father’s Day?

I don’t know about most of them, but I think my husband would rather sleep in than have breakfast in bed. Maybe sleeping in followed by breakfast in bed!

GB: More than just product recommendations, we were hoping to get some recommendations on what easy choices Dads can make with their kids for Father’s Day?

Spring is here and we’ll probably spend Father’s Day in the garden. Our seedlings are growing like crazy, and we put in our seeds a few weeks ago, so it’s exciting to see what’s popping up! Our three-year-old will probably have to arm wrestle her dad for the few organic blueberries that are just starting to get ripe this week.

GB:  Eating out?  What are some organic or sustainable choices a Dad can make and still be kid friendly?

Eating organic is far easier at home where you know what’s going into your food. One easy destination for eating out on Father’s Day is the farmer’s market, where everything is organic and locally sourced. Bring a blanket and have a picnic in the sunshine!

GB: Getting dressed up?  What are some Eco clothing choices a dad can make without having to shop at the local hemp store?

Vintage! If you buy from a used clothing store, you can’t help but reuse and recycle! 

GB: Driving the kids to the playground?   Are there alternatives to driving or to using regular fuel that the kids can enjoy as well?

Walking is our best bet since our three-year-old decided the bike seat is too scary for her taste.

GB: If your kids are taking you to a movie or renting a DVD, what are some Eco choices that both Dad and kids can enjoy?

Hands-down, “Wall-E” is the greatest environmental movie ever made. Okay, maybe it’s second to “An Inconvenient Truth,” but the robot is fun for the whole family and the big kids really get the message.

GB: Sports?  Are there some sports equipment that you can choose that are more eco-friendly than the regular choices?

I love Fair Trade Sports  balls! I discovered them when I was writing our Fair Trade Gift Guide.  They’re vegan and Fair Trade Federation-certified, made from sustainably-sourced rubber in India and Sri Lanka by adult workers who are paid a living wage and ensured healthy working conditions. Fair Trade Sports balls also carry the first-ever “green” certification for balls and they donate all after-tax profits to children’s charities. Goal! 

GB: Any other topics or suggestions for Dad?

I think creating a day full of things that he loves–like painting a card with your kids, creating a Pandora station of his favorites and playing it all day, making a great meal from food from your fridge or your garden, taking a walk together–is so much more rewarding for dad than going out and buying him a tie!

GB: How did being a Mommy encourage you to make green choices? Would it be the same considerations if you’re a dad?

My journey really began when I was pregnant with our first child–that’s when I started making connections between sustainable products, personal health and the health of the planet. I think that having children is just an eye-opener in general. You are forced to see beyond your immediate future. That’s true of anyone–mom or dad.

Thank you Rachel, aka Mommy Greenest!

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