Canada’s Women’s Olympic Hockey Team, “Chill Out!”

Canada’s women’s Olympic Hockey team brought home the Olympic Gold last night. We just wanted to point that out in case it got overlooked in the midst of all the furor over their celebrations of that little feat.  !!

The team not only won but had enough presence of mind after the fact to relish their moment on the ice. “People are in search of a story that doesn’t exist,” said the International Olympic Committee today in response to all the hubbub over the girls’ celebrating with champagne on the ice after their win.

“For us to win a Gold Medal is the story. That’s what should be the storyline this morning,” said one of Canada’s Gold Medalist hockey players at the COC press conference this afternoon.

A member of the audience told them, “Gold looks good on you.” Then added that all of downtown Vancouver was crowded into bars and restaurants watching the game yesterday. “Everyone stood and applauded, cried even, when the team won Gold yesterday,” said the attending member of the press corps.

“We’re sorry we might have offended some Canadians or others around the world,” said the team members. “For some of our girls, it will be the last time they’ll get back on Olympic ice. We should have kept our celebrations inside the locker room.”

What? The team waited until the entire stadium was empty. Then went back out onto the ice to take photos of their Olympic Gold moment, in Canada Hockey Place, that they’d just scored for their country, their families, their friends, themselves.

We say, Chill Out People! If the girls want to drink a little champagne, let ’em.  It’s not like they were skating around on the ice topless with bunny ears strapped to their heads. C’mon now!

And this isn’t the first instance of this tsk tsk for winning during these games. Skeleton Gold Medalist, Canadian Jon Montgomery also apologized for celebrating a little too loudly when he won.  Then there was the American Snowboarder Medalist told to leave Vancouver for being a boy in a bar (admittedly a little too much so, but still…).

We say, to the victors go the spoils.  Even if that’s a Zamboni on the ice in an empty rink with Olympic Gold around your neck. When you’re a girl.

It reminds us of the other day when we were at the Molson Canadian Hockey House and Wayne Gretzky, the Great One, who was there for his Tribute Night, signed our 99 Jersey.  Mind you, he signed about a hundred others as well, including little baby jerseys that Moms had brought for the occasion.  How great is that!?! [We’ve already added it to our will that’s how much we love it!] A PR flak has since banned us from celebrating at the Molson House. Because Gretzky autographed our jersey. No kidding! [We think 99’s manager needs to know about that!]

We also think PR guy is just jealous because he didn’t get an autograph.

Which is what we think happened here with the Women’s Team. They won.  They don’t need to apologize for it. “We’re so proud to play in Canada,” they said.

The team trained up in Calgary all year. “We drew energy from this country all year. Our team has always thrived whenever it has played in Canada. We see it as such a positive, how much this country wanted us to win.”

The team added that the Men’s Hockey Team told them to “just trust ourselves.” They added, “We think they should do the same.”

*Note Green Blog Network has no idea what the environmental slant to this story is except that we know for a fact that things grow better, faster, bigger when surrounded with positive energy.


*Stay tuned for a follow-up story about Hockey Canada and the NHL going green.

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  1. People, got to have to say that i watched at a couple of awesome matches the past week. But i have to comment that it isnt said the guys with the leaf shall win with ease from the US. Again Canada won with some luck today from Slovakia. America will win sunday with 5-0! Something else: Crosby! Put a laugh on your face you overprised player!

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